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Billion Dollar Brows

 Nu finns det inga ursäkter längre. Tunna, tjocka, spretiga, för mycket eller inga alls - nu kan alla ögonbryn få filmstjärne-status, tack vare Billion Dollar Brows. Billion Dollar Brows är ett renodlat ögonbrynsmärke från Beverly Hills i Kalifornien som skapats av Natalie och Bob Plain. Den kompletta produktserien innehåller allt från brynskuggor till fantastiska verktyg för att kunna skapa de perfekta ögonbrynen för dig och ditt ansikte. Succén startade i och med lanseringen av Brow Boostern, en djupverkande behandling som stärker, stimulerar och återuppbygger tunna och överplockade bryn, men följdes snabbt upp med det lika populära Brow Buddy kitet. Tillsammans utvecklade Natalie och Bob 'The Brow Buddy', verktyget som deras professionella 'brow-artists' också använder i sitt dagliga arbete för att måtta ut välformade, snygga bryn om och om igen. Hela Hollywood har låtit sig förälskas i resultatet - nu är det din tur att ta steget mot perfekta bryn!


Billion Dollar Brows TV

För och Efter bilder

Före och efterbilder efter 90 dagars användning av Brow boost. Ingen brynmakeup. Inget Photoshop. Riktiga resultat.

Vi älskar brow boost! Kundernas egna historier.

Results after chemotherapy and radiation treatment:

“I've never in my life written a letter to a company to tell them how terrific their product is until today. A few months ago, I went through radiology and chemo and although the docs told me only the hair on my head would be affected, a number of weeks after treatment ended, my eyebrows started to disappear. I was devastated---not only lost most of the hair on my head but now, MY EYEBROWS, TOO!!!!

Googled eyebrow growth, found you and began using your product which not only worked but within a week or two, most of what I lost has been filled in with new growth.

WHAT A FANTASTIC PRODUCT! I'm telling everyone I know about. Also began to use it on some areas on the front of my head that were still looking kind of sparse and it's working there, too. My widow's peak has all but returned in full.

What an amazing product; ordered more today.

Thank you for making a very challenging time just a little easier to face because I'm no longer looking like a freak.”

J.G. - California

Full eyebrows after 6 years of over-tweezing and shaving:

“I just wanted to tell you guys that your product is FANTASTIC!!

I've plucked and shaved my eyebrows since i was 16 years old, i am 22 years old now so that's about 6 years of just torture to my eyebrows. With all that plucking and shaving i literally had no eyebrows and on top of that they were really, really thin, I've tried letting my eyebrows grow without any product and it took about 2 months before I saw any type of hair growth, which was hardly nothing.

I got married on Sept 20th, 2008 and I didn't want to hassel with drawing my eyebrows on, or any of that, on my wedding day. I was always self cautious about my eyebrows, wondering if they were even, if one was thicker than the other, or if they got wiped off or smudged, and no lie, I would really get depressed about my eyebrows. It sounds weird but it's the truth.

It got to a point where I was thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed on, but my husband didn't want that, so I promised him I would search around before I made that decision. I Googled "Eyebrow Serum" and this website came up. I checked ya'll out and I just bought it.

I started using it right away then in about 30-45 days I honestly had eyebrows. They weren't full yet but the hair was growing and I felt so relieved. I didn't even use the whole tube, I still have some serum left in the tube and my eyebrows are now the fullest i have ever seen them in 6 years.

I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time two weeks ago and it feels so good. I just wanted to say "thank you guys" for this product, it really changed my life and I felt confident and beautiful on my wedding day...

Thank you so very much.. I wish ya'll much more success...”

A.K. - Iowa

Results after 3 weeks:

“To whom it may concern,

Just a quick e-mail to say your product is amazing. It's only been three weeks since I've been using Brow Boost and my eyebrows are almost back and better than ever. I can't believe it, your product is amazing. I would recommend your products to anyone and everyone. Also your fast mail service is great. Keep up the good work, your doing an amazing job.”

S.P. - Australia

Better results than Rogaine:

“I just wanted to say that I love your product! It has worked so well for me. I was using Rogaine for about a year and with using your product, I have gotten better results in just 30 days! I thank you so much for creating a product that has made me feel less self conscious about my eyebrows. Thank you! Thank you!”

M.C. - California

Helped brows after years over-tweezing and a hysterectomy:

I've been using your BDB Brow Boost for just over a month and I love the product!

Through years of over plucking and then having a hysterectomy in my late 30's, I basically didn't have any brows and whatever hairs did grow, were very sparse so I always ended up plucking them out. Now that I've started using the Brow Boost, I can see the difference. Using this product also helps me to keep those darn tweezers in the cabinet and not in my hand!!

I also notice that this product seems to make my brows grow so quickly that I have actually had to take a good pair of scissors and trim the hairs……this is a miracle for me as I'm so used to not having any brow hair at all!!

Well, I've ordered another Brow Boost and I'm just waiting for it to arrive as I'm scraping out all I can of the first Brow Boost that I ordered! Lol

Take care and many thanks to you for your amazing product!”

D.G. - Canada

Help restoring brows and lashes due to Trichotillomania:

“I would just like to say thank you for a wonderful product!!!!!!!! I suffer with Trichotillomania, which is a disorder in which a person pulls out hair. I only seem to focus on my eyebrows, sometimes the eyelashes. You would not believe the results that I have gotten with Brow Boost. I have pulled my brows completely out, and within 3 months, they are back. They seem to be thicker and longer.

Brow Boost is also the best product I have used for my eyelashes. It grows long, thick eyelashes when you use it regularly. I just ordered another set to help me get back my old self. This is the best product I have found yet, it has never let me down.

Thank You and God Bless You!”

D.M. - Texas

“A miracle” after years of “reckless tweezing” and a hypothyroid:

“I just wanted to tell you I think Brow Boost is really a miracle. After years of reckless tweezing when i was younger, being hypothyroid (it makes your eyebrows fall out, ask anyone), and being a slave to the eyebrow pencil, I do see little hairs coming in where none have been in years! And this is just using it sporadically!

Now that i see what it's capable of, I vow to use Brow Boost every night before bed. I am a chemist and I cannot begin to imagine how your scientists came up with this! Don't ever take it away!

Thanks for beautifying the world.”

K.H. - California

Restored eyebrows after a misadventure with a razor blade at 12 years old:

“I first came across Billion Dollar Brows about three or so months ago. I had been trying to grow the ends of my eyebrows out, especially the right side, as this side had been sparse and nearly bare since I was about twelve years old. When I was twelve I had attempted to arch my eyebrows with a razor blade like I had seen my mom and aunts do.
Well, I arched my eyebrow, all one half of it off!

Since then the hair in that area has not grown back as full and thick. Following the trend of having thin eyebrows didn’t help the situation at all, either.

Someone had suggested that I use Rogaine to help re-grow the ends of my eyebrows and to help thicken them. I wasn’t cool at all with following this advice and am so happy that I didn’t, as Billion Dollar Brows has answered my prayers.

Billion Dollar Brows has come to my rescue; finally I have full, complete, thick eyebrows…even the one that I cut half off.

I receive so many compliments on my eyebrows; my sisters are now using the product as well. Billion Dollar Brows works and it doesn’t even take that long to see the results, I saw results in less than three weeks. I recommend it to my family, friends and to anyone who happens to ask me.”

A.B. – California

New brows after years of over-tweezing and electroysis:

“Thank you Billion Dollar Brows!! Once having very dark and heavy (unattractive) brows followed by years of plucking and electrolysis took its toll and left me with extremely sparse brows. I even had ‘permanent makeup’ eyebrows done, which wasn’t my brightest idea – they just didn’t give me the look I craved: a natural brow.
Like everyone else these days I caught sight of the “Billion Dollar Brows” surfing the web and thought "what do I have to lose…" It took over a month before I noticed new growth; hope at last! And I didn’t give up; I kept applying your product (and still do) and now have brows that I’m not ashamed or embarrassed of any more. It’s been 6 months and I still continue to have new growth – it’s so exciting and after having ‘nothing’ brows for over 25 years, it’s wonderful to have a natural brow back again.”

CF - Canada

Helped eyebrows that were over-tweezed as a teenager then tattooed:

“I plucked my (thick!) eyebrows away to virtually nothing whilst a teenager in the late 60's. I had them tattooed several times over the last 15 years which certainly helped restore some sort of shape but which fades and has to be re-done periodically so when I saw Brow Boost, although totally sceptical, I thought I would give it a go. I have to tell you I am so impressed, my eyebrows will probably never be back to how I really want them but they have DEFINITELY IMPROVED.

I shall continue to use Brow Boost and will be ordering another one soon.”


Improved self confidence after restoring drawn-in brows:

“Dear Billion Dollar Brows,
I'm just writing to tell you how much your product has improved my self-confidence!!! People are always commenting on how pretty my eyes are and I've not received comments like that since I was young, and I know that it is because of my eyebrows ( which use to be drawn on). Now when people take to me I can look at then in the eye's instead of looking down or away from them THANK YOU so much!!!! I've referred your product to my mom and to my sister-in-law (whom was amazed at the beauty of my brows) for her clients at her salon who suffer from thin or no brows!! Thanks again guys this product is the real thing!!!!!”

AJK - Wyoming

FIlled in permanent tattoo:

“I was a kind of doubtful when I ordered it, but I report a great result now! My eyebrow hairs started to grow on a line that never existed before and they filled the fake line of my tatoo design! Simply, it works! Above my expectation!

PF - Virginia

The first eyebrow conditioner to show results:

“Within 2 weeks, I noticed a change in my eyebrows! I have used many other products (including Rogaine) in an attempt to grow my thinning eyebrow with virtually no results.

Billion Dollar Brows is the first to show truly visible results. I plan to continue using this product and highly recommend it.


B.G. - Washington

Brought to tears when she saw it was working:

“I never imagined I would have eyebrows again. I'm so thankful I found your prouduct. I was brought to tears when I realized it was working. I just wanted to say thank you so much. ”

A.L.- Georgia

Results in places she never thought possible:

“Before I began using Billion Dollar Brows, my eyebrows were very thin and it was embarrassing to be seen without make-up. Now, after using Billion Dollar Brows for only a month, my brows are really starting to appear in places I never thought possible. I feel more beautiful and younger looking. This stuff is great.”

K.P. - California

Helped eyebrows that were shaved and over-tweezed since high school:

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is, it was an answer to my prayers. I used to overpluck and shave my eyebrows in highschool, and then they wouldn't come back. I was even going to consider having them tattoed because I was so tired of drawing them on everyday.

I came across your website, while researching over-plucked brows, and bought your product on the spot, I figured that I had nothing to lose. After about 3 weeks, my eyebrows were back --hair appeared where I never thought that it could.

I am so happy, and so much more confident now, I always tell people about and highly recommend Billion Dollar Brows, it worked like magic. My whole family can't believe it.

Thank you so much.”

R.M. - Wisconsin

Helped eyebrows that were lost due to pregnancy:

“Over the years I plucked way too much between my brows and they would not grow in. I also lost many of my eyebrow hairs when I was pregnant. My doctor said my eyebrows fell out because my hormones went through many changes during my pregnancy and that there wasn't much I could do to grow them back.

Thankfully, I found Brow Boost and tried it after I gave birth, hoping it could help. In about a month I started seeing the hairs I thought I lost forever come back! I love my new thick browline! I feel so complete again. ”

J.L. - California

Helped restore sparse area due to a dog bite:

“I was bitten by a dog in and around my right eyebrow nearly 20 yrs ago. For years, I had to tweeze my left eyebrow to match my right eyebrow. It bothered me that my eyebrows didn't meet my inner eye, but thanks to Brow Boost they are growing in. I haven't had this many hairs in years!!!

It takes longer for people using Brow Boost to notice an improvement if they have similar problems like mine. Thanks to your product, though, my eyebrows look better then they did before. I am finally starting to feel better about my eyebrows.

If you are willing to try Brow Boost, don't give up. The results are worth it.”

J.A. - Illinois

Helped eyebrows lost to hypothyrodism:

“Billion Dollar Brows is a product that stands up to its claim. I have not had eyebrows for about 20 years due to hypothyroidism. This was my last chance to have eyebrows. It started slowly and now after 30 days I can almost go without having to fill in with the eyebrow pencil. This has given me a tremendous boost in my confidence and soon I will be able to wear a new hairdo without bangs. Thank you again for such a fine product that works and does not irritate the skin.”

M.D. - Alabama

Helped balance brows that were unbalanced due to over-tweezing:

“Before I started using Billion Dollar Brows, my eyebrows were not attractive due to occasional over-plucking. My eyebrows were thick in some places and thin in others. After surfing the internet, I found your website and read the testimonials of others and decided this is what I was looking for. So I decided to give your product a try. Within a month of using Billion Dollar Brows, my eyebrows looked thicker and fuller than they had in years. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my eyebrows and will continue to use the product. Thank You.”

L.W. - Texas

Even her esthetician is amazed:

“It definitely works!!! Even the person who gives me brow waxes is amazed!”
J.H. – Colorado

From a skeptic to a believer:

“I love Billion Dollar Brows! I was a skeptic at first, but after about a month, I noticed a change. Now my eyebrows are thicker and the spots that were not growing are
growing in. Thanks a lot!”

K.H. – California

Helped speed up the process of filing in her brows:

“I have had great success with using Billion Dollar Brows. I was letting my fill in and this helped speed up the process.. Thanks Billion Dollar Brows. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about you!!!!”

J.M. – Maryland

Filled in her eyebrow tattoo:

“Thank you. I used to have thick eyebrows and they began to fall out after I over-plucked them. I even went to the extreme of getting them tattooed, which I regret. After using Billion Dollar Brows I see the old brows I used to have. I cannot even see where they were colored in. I will stand by this product.”

J.S. – Ohio

Helped a mystery bald patch:

“Billion Dollar Brows Works! My brows were just fine when suddenly, I had a huge bald patch in one. I waited a few weeks and no miracle happened. But after just 8 days of Billion Dollar Brows it started to fill in again and now at day 13 it's almost perfect again. Thank you! ”

J.M. - Washington

Helped eyebrows lost due to over-tweezing:

“I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful product. Before using this product I had NO eyebrows, due to over plucking. Thanks to you, I now have most of my eyebrows back. I went five years trying everything to get my eyebrows to grow back in. I've been using your product for a month now and have seen fabulous results. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day, I know I will.

Thanks again,”

K.F. - California

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